ECTS 2001: First look: Knights PS2

We have the first info on and screenshots from Knights, the PS2 game in development at Lost Boys Games.


Knights (2002)

Lost Boys Games has released the first screenshots from its PlayStation 2 project Knights, which has been signed by German publisher Swing Entertainment. Knights is a combination of a 3D platform game and an action-adventure game. The game focuses on a tournament that is being held because the king of Whyrule has decided to retire. A worthy successor can only be found in a tournament, where the best man will win. Not only will the winner rule the kingdom, but he'll also get to marry princess Layla. The players assume the role of a contestant who needs to prove that he's the bravest of them all. They can explore the 3D kingdom, where the players' skills will be tested. Lots of side quests and minigames also await the player, from snowboarding and hang gliding to slaying fierce dragons and rescuing damsels in distress.

The PlayStation 2 version should be out by Christmas in Europe, with other next-generation versions following in 2002. A US release hasn't been announced at this point.

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