ECTS 2001: First look: Eggo Mania

UK studio Hotgen and publisher Kemco are bringing a new puzzle game to the Game Boy Advance. Check out the first screenshots from and gameplay information on the game.


Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness

At ECTS 2001, Kemco announced a new puzzle game named Eggo Mania for the Game Boy Advance. The Eggos are egg-shaped heroes who have to build towers on little islands in order to escape the rising water and try to be the first one to reach the goal far above. It's a race against time, and players have to build their tower by piling up falling blocks. A two-player mode is also planned, allowing players to compete against a friend with one cartridge and a link cable.

Eggo Mania is currently in development at Hotgen Studios in the UK, which was founded by ex-Probe boss Fergus McGovern. The company is currently working on a number of next-generation projects and has been in the headlines in the past year for developing the now-cancelled Resident Evil game for the Game Boy Color. Eggo Mania is due out in March 2002.

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