ECTS 2001: First look: Duality

Phantagram's upcoming sci-fi role-playing game is set in two parallel planes--real space and cyberspace.


Phantagram Interactive released new screenshots and information about its upcoming role-playing game Duality at the ECTS game convention in London. The game is in development at Trilobyte Graphics, a studio formed by a team of developers from Pyro Studios.

The name Duality is derived from the game's two parallel settings: one in real space, and the other in cyberspace. Players assume the role of a character employed by a corporation to recover a valuable product stolen by an enemy corporation, and then eliminate those responsible for the theft. The game will feature three main characters--the mercenary, the hacker, and the virtual being--each of which has different skills and abilities.

We've posted some early concept art from the game in the gallery above. Duality is scheduled for release for the PC and the Microsoft Xbox in late 2002.

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