ECTS 2001: First look: Crazy Chase

The SNES game is destined to return on the Game Boy Advance, courtesy of Kemco.


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Crazy Chase is a remake of the classic game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) from 1994. The story follows Princess Honey, also known as "Her Royal Bratness," who is kidnapped by the notorious space pirate Dirty Joe. In an apparent lapse of judgment, King Klown has called upon Kid Clown to rescue her.

Crazy Chase for the Game Boy Advance is played from an isometric perspective, and the hero, Kid Clown, has to evade traps, enemies, and other unwanted surprises by jumping, roller-skating, and using special items. Kemco claims the game boasts "hundreds of hidden items and bonus areas." The game will also include four minigames: dart, air hockey, punch the mole, and ball game.

Crazy Chase is currently set for a worldwide release on the Game Boy Advance in the first quarter of 2002.

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