ECTS 2001: First look: Boulder Dash EX

Kemco is bringing yet another retro game to the GBA.


Kemco has released the first screenshots from and information on its Game Boy Advance game Boulder Dash EX. Based on the classic Boulder Dash, which was released in the '80s for the Commodore 64 and the PC, the EX version of Boulder Dash includes a zoom function, a screen rotation function, and updated graphics with a wider thematic variety. Boulder Dash EX will take players through six worlds, 50 new stages, 100 classic stages from the PC version, and 50 versus mode stages. The game will feature multiplayer support for four players via a link cable.

In Boulder Dash EX, players assume the role of a curious explorer who discovers a secret cave. Inside, they find the remains of an ancient culture. Players start the adventure by exploring the ruins, searching for treasures. Enemies include blood-sucking bats, poisonous scorpions, and many more monsters.

Boulder Dash EX is being developed by Vision Works and will be published by Kemco. The GBA-exclusive game is currently scheduled for a worldwide release in the second quarter of 2002.

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