Ecks vs. Sever comes to the PlayStation 2

Bam Entertainment will publish the game based on the upcoming film.


Bam Entertainment has announced that it has reached an agreement to publish the upcoming PlayStation 2 game Ecks vs. Sever, which is currently in development at Zombie Studios. In the game, which is based on the upcoming film of the same name, players will be able to assume the role of either FBI agent Ecks or National Security Agency operative Sever. Both characters will have different attributes and a different set of missions that follow the movie's storyline. Bam plans to have 20 single-player missions in the game, as well as custom multiplayer levels that support up to four players.

"The action and intrigue of Franchise Pictures' upcoming film made it a property we felt would translate well onto a console," said Alain Tascan, vice president of worldwide product development for Bam. "The quality of Ecks vs. Sever Game Boy Advance and the excitement over the upcoming film means that players are already invested in these intriguing characters and their world of government conspiracies, and Zombie Studios is the perfect choice as a developer to bring Ecks vs. Sever to life on the PlayStation 2."

Ecks vs. Sever is scheduled for release on the PS2 this November.

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