Echo Is Live In Overwatch's New Update, Marking The Final New Character Until Overwatch 2

Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players can now try Overwatch 32nd Damage hero.


Blizzard has announced that Overwatch's 32nd hero Echo, the final character for the game until Overwatch 2, is now live on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One after a new update.

Echo is an adaptable robot capable of fitting into just about every role despite being a Damage character. She carries a lot of similarities to heroes like Genji, Mercy, and Pharah, making her a pesky aerial expert that can whittle down the shields of the bulkiest Tanks. And her ultimate ability, Duplicate, lets her mimic the moveset of any enemy hero in her sights. In other words, she's almost never limited to her own arsenal of tricks.

Though Echo marks Overwatch's 32nd hero, she also makes for the game's 17th Damage character. This means 53% of Overwatch's roster is damage-focused. Blizzard is aware of this disparity, saying that more Support and Tank heroes are on the way. But these will have to wait until Overwatch 2 comes out.

Game director Jeff Kaplan said that Echo is "the last hero coming to standard Overwatch" until the sequel, which currently doesn't have a release date. It's scheduled to hit Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions have yet to be confirmed. Some Overwatch 2 content, such as characters and maps (among other things), will jump over to the original game.

The first new hero for Overwatch 2, Sojourn, was revealed back in November 2019. While she's appeared in previous Overwatch cinematics for Anna and Winston, Blizzard has yet to reveal more information about her. And though she was revealed for Overwatch 2, she will be playable in the standard game as well.

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