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Echelon: Wind Warriors details

Oxygen Interactive releases new information on the upcoming expansion pack for the futuristic combat flight sim Echelon.


Oxygen Interactive has today released new information on Echelon: Wind Warriors, the upcoming expansion pack for Echelon. Set in the year 2351, the expansion will see players assuming the role of a Galactic Federation pilot named Jason "Wolf" Scott with more than 40 new missions to complete in an all-new single-player campaign.

Wind Warriors will add numerous new weapons, units, and objects to the original game and will also feature an improved command-and-control function that will allow players to call in other craft, ground units, and antiaircraft support. The multiplayer aspect of the game will also be improved through the introduction of new gameplay modes, new arenas, dedicated server support, and improved chat functionality.

Echelon: Wind Warriors is currently scheduled for release in Europe in October, although no North American release date has been confirmed at this time. For more information on Echelon: Wind Warriors, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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