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Echelon Update

We take an early look at Bethesda's futuristic flight combat game.


Bethesda has sent over an early build of Echelon, its new futuristic flight combat game. Many features planned for the final version are missing from this build, and only a few missions with predesignated ships are available. Though Echelon is still in the alpha stage, its visuals look great so far, with plenty of water effects and land textures that look very clean even at close range. The game is structured around a series of goal-based missions, which include seek-and-destroy and item-retrieval objectives in the levels we played. As you'd expect in a space game, waves enemy ships will greet you at every turn.

Bethesda is scheduled to release Echelon later this fall. In the meantime, you can read our preview of the game for more information.

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