EB: DOA4 delayed, 360s in short supply

E-mail from top game retailer says Tecmo's fighter is coming December 1, and later console preorders may not arrive until 2006.


Dead or Alive 4

If your preordered one of the two Xbox 360 bundles EB Games offered online, you received an e-mail this morning. If you placed your order early, the news was good. "Currently, we anticipate enough inventory at launch to fill all orders for the Ultimate Bundle placed before August 30 and all orders placed for the Core Bundle before October 28," read the e-mail. The company said it plans on shipping the consoles out on November 21, meaning by week's end, most should have arrived at their destinations.

Unfortunately, customers who ordered their Xbox 360 bundles more recently may be in for a very long wait. On EBgames.com, each bundle's product description now bears the following stark warning in red bold type: "Due to high demand, orders placed after October 26th may not ship until 2006."

However, even those lucky enough to get their Xbox 360 bundles on launch week won't be getting exactly what they ordered. EB's e-mail also informed customers of a delay that caused a last-minute change to the bundles. "Dead or Alive 4 has been delayed until December 1, 2005," it read. "Because of this we have replaced it with Call of Duty 2 in your bundle. If you have ordered Call of Duty 2 apart from your Xbox 360 bundle and wish to cancel it or wish to cancel your bundle, you can do so by visiting the My Orders section of EBgames.com."

Though EB's e-mail is tacit confirmation that DOA4 is delayed, it is not official. GameSpot's attempts to confirm the delay from Tecmo directly were not successful as of press time.

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