EAX for Soldier of Fortune

Creative releases an update that will add enhanced environmental sound to Activision's shooter.


Creative Labs has released an update to the EAX sound files for Soldier of Fortune that adds new effects to the multiplayer deathmatch levels. The original version of the game does includes support for EAX, Creative's 3D audio standard that provides real-time environmental sound effects for players using Soundblaster audio cards. This update adds effects such as dynamically changing reverbs and obstruction and occlusion filtering. The current download only affects the multiplayer levels, but Creative plans to release two other updates for the single-player levels.

The update currently requires the full version of the recently released Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition. It will also work with either the upcoming 1.06 patch or the free Gold Edition update, both of which are expected later this month. You can download the EAX enhancement on GameSpot here. Find more information on specific effects at Creative's EAX site.

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