Eat Tacos, Maybe Win PlayStation VR Bundle From Sony

Now's your chance to get PlayStation VR before everyone eating tacos.


Sony has yet again teamed up with fast food giant Taco Bell for a PlayStation promotion. This time, the two companies are working together for a PlayStation VR giveaway.

Starting today, September 15, some $5 Taco Bell Big Boxes will come with a code on them. You can then enter that code at this website for a chance to win a PlayStation VR launch bundle.

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The device goes on sale on October 13, but Sony said in a blog post today that the headset will be delivered to you "several days" early. Sony also partnered with Taco Bell to give away PlayStation 4s back in 2013 and these were delivered early as well.

There will be lots of winners for this new giveaway, it seems, as a winner will be chosen around every 15 minutes.

Winners will receive a PlayStation VR launch bundle, which includes the device itself, two PlayStation Move controllers, and a PlayStation Camera. A PS4 is also required to use PlayStation VR, so you'll need to either already have one or buy one. Also included in the package is a $40 PlayStation Store credit that you can use to buy a game of your choice.

PlayStation VR launch bundles normally sell for $500. You can see the full contest rules here. The promotion ends October 19.

As mentioned, this isn't the first time Sony and Taco Bell have teamed up. The 2013 PS4 giveaway was followed up by a promotion to give away Destiny PS4 bundles, while the two companies also gave away special-edition gold PS4s.

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