Eastshade Dev Reveals Songs Of Glimmerwick, An RPG Where You Cast Spells With Music

You can also attend potions class or work in the university's garden, all of which just looks wonderfully nice.


Developer Eastshade Studios--the studio behind Eastshade--has announced its next game: Songs of Glimmerwick. An announcement trailer for Songs of Glimmerwick reveals the game to be a narrative-driven RPG where you play as a student at a university of magic where you cast spells through music.

Also seen in the trailer, Songs of Glimmerwick will feature character customization and progression, allowing you to craft your ideal wizard or witch and grow their magic as you see fit. The game will also see you go to classes, tend to the university's garden, and sign up for extra curricular activities. Songs of Glimmerwick will feature voice acting as well.

In a press release, Eastshade Studios writes that Songs of Glimmerwick will follow the developer's mission of "creating a sense of place." Songs of Glimmerwick is scheduled to launch in 2023. You can wishlist Songs of Glimmerwick on Steam.

Eastshade Studios' last game, Eastshade, is superb, so we're excited to see what the studio manages to accomplish with this next title. In GameSpot's Eastshade review, David Wildgoose gave the game 9/10, writing, "By giving you a paintbrush (and a kettle) instead of a sword, Eastshade is a rare first-person open world game that's not about killing but rather about doing good deeds, helping people see the error of their ways, and bringing communities together all through the power of art. It's a breath of fresh Eastshadian air and a genuine, unironic feel-good game."

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