EA's Next Free On the House Game Now Available

Nox and a Battlefield Hardline DLC pack are free for a limited time.


EA continues to give away free games through its On the House program, with the latest being made available today.

Action RPG Nox is the latest title to be offered for free. Originally released for PC back in 2000, it was developed by Command & Conquer creator Westwood Studios. It features both a single-player campaign (where you play as either a warrior, wizard, or conjurer) and an online multiplayer mode.

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However, being such an old game, the official online servers are no longer available. That means your only option for multiplayer is resorting to a LAN setup or looking online for solutions that fans have come up with.

You can grab Nox for free now through Origin. While it does require you to use EA's Steam-esque service to get the game, adding it to your library permanently makes it yours--you don't need to stay subscribed to anything, as is the case with Games With Gold or PlayStation Plus.

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Additionally, On the House is offering one of Battlefield Hardline's expansions, Getaway, for free. (It's free on consoles, too.) You don't need to own the game in order to claim it, so you can grab it for use with the Origin Access version of Hardline or in case you end up with a copy in the future.

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i never played this one but i know a friend who says that its really good. may try it. C&C = ♥

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Oh, my childhood *swoons*

One of the most underrated, overlooked games of all time.

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Might as well grab though 2 items right now while they are still free. I remember getting Jade Empire for free as well. It didn't work at first. I had to download some add-on to get it to finally run, but it works fine now. I was using the mouse/keyboard to play it.

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The last time I tried to play Nox, it wouldn't launch for some reason. I wonder if I'll have issues with it now.

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I downloaded Jade Empire on my PC when read free. The game was running fine but after the tutorial the camera starts to spin around erratically when using an Xbox One controller. I have no idea why and could never find a solution so I deleted it. It's stupid problems like these that make me not want to game on PC

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Unlike so many of these comments, I actually don't remember this game. Too many top down isometric PC games came out in the 90s/early 2000s.

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I really cannot believe this. It was only yesterday that I thought to myself "I loved Nox, wish there was a second one" and then "I'd like to replay it now". And this happens!

Still not thanking EA as they killed Westwood 3 years later. Thanks Westwood!

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EA. Such good folks over there. Giving away things for free that don't generate them any money anyways. Thanks EA.

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@derceto: Then don't claim the gift if you don't like getting it... I swear kids are more stupid today than they was when I grew up.

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@derceto: Indeed, they're heroes...

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So how can I get it without signing the rights of my computer away?

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@bfa1509: Install Sandboxie (Sandboxing program) and block all the folders and drives you don't want Origin to touch. It works great and doesn't hamper the performance of the game.

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@lion2447: Nice tip, thanks.

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@bfa1509: Sounds like a you problem rather than an Origin problem.

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@asneakypoptart: When 99.9% of PC gamers use Steam client then it's always an Origin problem.

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I'd rather spend a few dollars to buy it off GoG and then not have to use Origin to play the game. GoG=Support this company. EA=don't support.

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Was such a huge fan of Westwood back in the day, yet somehow never heard of or played Nox :O

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@R4gn4r0k: I'm not a fan of RPGs but I absolutely loved Nox back when it came out. I still have the original big box it came with.

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Oh Nox, wow, loved that game. Thanks EA :D

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nox was awesome.

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Nice! I remember Nox. Definitely will add this to my library