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EA's New Beetle Racer

VW's New Beetle was bound to show up in a game. EA gets behind the wheel.


EA has announced details regarding the spring '99 release of Beetle Adventure Racing for the Nintendo 64. Beetle Adventure Racing is the first official title to feature Volkswagon's hot New Beetle.

Racers will take the New Beetle on the road against other opponents taking multiple routes, secret paths, and nitro blasts for added speed. Multiplayer mode accommodates up to four players in nine battle arenas. In Beetle Battle, each racer collects a series of ladybug icons while avoiding or taking out other players.

"We believe our game will help redefine the racing category across all platforms," said Hanno Lemke, senior producer at EA. "Complementing the game's fun and over-the-top action is the highly appealing and distinctive New Beetle, a car which is fun and hip, recognized and loved world over for its endearing personality and character, and which appeals to adults and kids alike."

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