EA's Montreal Studio open for business

Electronic Arts' new studio in Montreal, Quebec, officially opens its doors; is already deep in development on three new titles.


Earlier today, Electronic Arts welcomed its newest addition to the EA studio family when it opened the door of its brand-new development house in Montreal, Quebec. "We have found a home in the heart of Montreal that we expect will be the source of great game content for many years to come,” said Alain Tascan, EA’s vice president and studio general manager in Montreal. "The 10,000-square-foot studio in Montreal’s Place Ville Marie allows us all the professional and social conveniences of the city centre and the space to expand to 25,000 square feet. We expect a great deal of growth in the coming years."

Along with the inauguration, EA also announced that it is currently on the hunt for new development talent for the studio, specifically to work on three new games already in development. Currently, the studio has about 40 developers on staff. EA plans to increase this number to 70 by the summer. "We have received thousands of applications and have hired specialists from Montreal, Western Canada, the US, and Europe," Tascan continued. "Some of our employees are [expatriate] Quebecers who have returned to Montreal to work for EA."

Though no information was given in the announcement in regard to what specific games the studio was working on, it was mentioned that the three titles would all fall into the action adventure category.

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