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EA's Iron Man Game Will Run On Unreal Engine 5, And It's Not Releasing Soon

EA's upcoming Iron Man game remains "early" in the pre-production process.


Motive Studios has provided an update on its upcoming Iron Man game, and no one should expect the game to come out anytime soon. Studio GM Patrick Klaus said in a blog post that the Iron Man game is still "early in pre-production," and that the team has chosen Unreal Engine 5 to power it.

Klaus said Motive is "taking our time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development." The developer added that, though it's early days, the team has already found "so many opportunities to explore store, design, and gameplay with Iron Man."

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Klaus said it's "exciting to see the fantasy start coming alive."

Motive is working on the untitled Iron Man game alongside a "Community Council" of Iron Man and Marvel fans, who are providing feedback on "pretty much everything" during development.

Motive launched the Dead Space remake earlier this year, and Klaus said this was a "big milestone" for the team. Klaus said shipping the game helped show fans what the studio is capable of in terms of passion and commitment to quality.

Also in the blog post, Klaus discussed the working environment at Motive. He said some staff have opted to come back to work in the office in Montreal, while others are staying home. "We recognize the benefits of working remotely, so we continue to find a balance that gives us the best of both worlds," Klaus said. "I believe the right balance, and the renewed purpose it brings, will help us make our games even better."

Motive has more than 20 open positions on the Iron Man team, so the company is definitely still ramping up in terms of hiring.

In addition to the Iron Man game, EA is working on a Black Panther title with Marvel. EA's Cliffhanger Games, headed up by former Middle-earth: Shadow of War boss Kevin Stephens, is developing the game with a team made up of people who worked on Halo, God of War, and Call of Duty.

The next big Marvel game, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, launches on October 20 for PS5.

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