EA's First Ever "Impact Report" Details Work Culture And Environmental Footprint

EA's new annual report details various initiatives within the company to make the world a better place.


EA has, for the first time in its 38 year history, released what the company is calling an "Impact Report". The report focuses not on sales or finances, but on initiatives and targets for things like workplace diversity, community health, and environmental footprint.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson says that this report aims to provide transparency on EA's goals in relation to the following metrics:

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  • Building Diverse and Healthy Teams
  • Positive Play and Healthy Communities
  • Investing in Privacy and Security
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Enhancing Corporate Governance

The full report details how EA has developed an "Inclusion Framework" to "create more inclusive and diverse games," and discusses the recently implemented guidelines for battling toxic online behavior, called the Positive Play Charter. The report boasts that 50% of the people in senior leadership positions at EA are women, but also shows that only 23.9% of their global workforce is female.

The report also reveals that the average age of an EA player is 33. The gender split is 43.9% female to 55.9% male, and 50% of their players are adults without children.

Further details are also provided for EA's long-term sustainability goals, and what they're doing to improve. "We have taken deliberate steps to reduce our energy and water consumption; use ecofriendly products; promote reduction, reuse, and diversion of waste; increase employee awareness and education around sustainability issues; contract with green cleaning services providers and sustainable landscape companies; eliminate single-use water bottles; and use 100 percent compostable products," it reads.

Check out the full report for more information.

EA is due to release its first titles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next month, with next-gen versions of both Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 arriving on December 4, 2020. Costs look set to rise, with the next-gen version of Madden costing $70 instead of the usual $60. The company recently pleased Mass Effect fans with the reveal that a Mass Effect Legendary Edition re-release was coming, upgrading the original trilogy. Better yet, a new Mass Effect game is also in the works.

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