Earthworm Jim HD inches to PSN

Gameloft bringing updated version of Shiny's classic action platformer to Sony's online store August 3 for $10.

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In June, Gameloft updated Shiny Entertainment's 16-bit classic Earthworm Jim for the high-definition era, releasing the game on Xbox Live Arcade. Now, PlayStation 3 gamers will have the same opportunity to hop into the anthropomorphic annelid's supersuit, as Gameloft said today that Earthworm Jim HD will arrive on the PlayStation Network for $10 on August 3.

Earthworm Jim HD is essentially a reimagining of the side-scrolling action platformer's original 1994 release on the Sega Genesis. It follows the mutated worm through more than a dozen bizarre levels on a quest to save a princess, defeating the nefarious Psy-Crow in the process.

Jim finds creative ways to solve unusual problems.
Jim finds creative ways to solve unusual problems.

However, Gameloft has provided the game with an HD overhaul to sharpen up Earthworm Jim's graphics. Additionally, the French game company has built three new custom levels that carry on the original's off-kilter aesthetic. Earthworm Jim HD also features co-op play for up to four gamers in both online and offline modes.

For an idea of what to expect from Earthworm Jim HD, check out GameSpot's review of the XBLA version.

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