Earthbound Sequel Mother 3 Confirmed for Wii U...But Only in Japan

So you're saying there's a chance?


During today's Nintendo Direct stream, the developer revealed that Mother 3 is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in December. However, they didn't show that on the Direct presentation you were probably watching, this announcement happened during the simultaneous Japanese version. The news was then reiterated on the Nintendo's Japanese Twitter account.

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Because Nintendo loves to bathe in the tears of US Earthbound fans, no mention of the game was made on the US stream, however, the Lucas Amiibo is slated to come out in January.

Mother 3, a follow-up to Earthbound, is a cult classic Japanese RPG that was never released outside of Japan. Both because of the enduring popularity of Earthbound and through a terrific fan translation of Mother 3 from the team at, the franchise's fanbase has continued to grow well after the initial release.

At E3 this year, Nintendo released Earthbound Beginnings on Virtual Console, originally titled Mother-- and also a game previously unreleased outside Japan. So, you shouldn't rule out a version of Mother 3 coming to the US, but it looks like it won't be happening this year.

You can read all of the news and announcements from today's Nintendo Direct right here.

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Look, it was only two atomic bombs. You're over reacting.

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Why can't Nintendo just be region free like Sony and Microsoft?

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@cheater87: Some games have to be censored for certain regions to comply with laws on things. Example, some countries in Europe don't approve of allowing players to kill kids in games.

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another reason to stop supporting nintendo in the US

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@maskthestars: another reason to stop supporting nintendo in the ENITRE WESTERN WORLD.

Fixed that for you.

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Nintendo should jump over their shadow and use the current fan translation for the US release!
I jheard its great translation.

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So. Much. Eye-rolling material! Not only it's Japan only, it's also Wii U only. I WANT IT ON THE 3DS DANG IT!!!!

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@lostaname: Japan only for now... They might actually be looking into translating it. I wonder if they have interest in trying to get their hands on the Mother 4 fan game.

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@Jinzo_111887: I very much doubt that Nintendo is interested in publishing games made by fans. Shigisato Itoi might also be a hurdle if that would be the case.

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Well, this is a start—but there's a stunning English fan translation of the game just waiting to be scooped up. Use it, Nintendo!

More people need to play this stunning and, imo, extremely important videogame.

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@amaneuvering: You know, honestly, while it's unlikely, I'd rather Nintendo use the fan translation if anything, because I can guarantee if they translated the game on they're own, we wouldn't get any lines as great as "JUST TAKE A DAMN SHOWER ALREADY!"

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Dammit NoA, you released EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, so release MOTHER 3 so fans can experience the whole series! Tomato from granted you permission to use his translation patch years ago so just contact him, get it in writing or buy it, then use that!

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Nintendo needs to consider translating it. Mother 3 finishes the series quite well. Having played it, I'll say that Mother's slogan can sum up how the third game was: No crying until the end. It's a pretty emotional game.

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I hope it comes to the us.

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Nintendo must really hate sales.

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@cdog21: Or maybe they're working on their own translation, but not wanting to get hopes up until they get closer to getting it done. In the meantime, they're releasing the Japanese version to Japanese Wii U owners to offer them another chance to play it on the big screen.

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@cdog21: I think Nintendo has weird paranoia about cannibalizing sales between their various products. Although I can't come up with any theory for this case :).

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I don't know whether to rejoice or slam my head into the desk.

>Googles Japanese Wii U price<

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lol @regionlock

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What a TROLL ass move on Nintendo's part. Another example of just how much Nintendo loves its American fans.

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Screw you Nintendo. Seriously.

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@Thanatos2k: And the fact they clamp down on emulation sites more than anyone else, because we need them for crap like this, earns a double screw from me.

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This increases chances of a localized release for us. This is good news.

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@elheber: I agree, the fact Japan is finally getting it again is very good news for us.

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Oh well, I guess the eye patched shimber me tee off eBay will have to do for now.
My wallet is open though Nintendo.

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Nintendo sure loves bathing in American tears, don't they?

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Japan only.. This will surely piss off fans. :\

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@Crossel777: Chrono Trigger 2 announced....only for japan :)

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@DoomglooM: Is this real....

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@no_one: no, no one....I kid I kid, maybe me and you should get into game development and make this and all off the wonderful things that should have happened by now..??

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Nice, great to hear, Japan got so much goodies, cant wait till they come our way.

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@mesome713: screw that, I'm about to go out there lol