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Earth Defense Force 6 Announced, Check Out These Giant Bees And Spiders

The bug-squishing action series is coming back in 2021, and the first batch of screenshots shows a post-apocalyptic landscape with insects galore.


The bug-squishing action series is coming back, as D3 Publisher has just announced Earth Defense Force 6. Not much has been detailed for the upcoming game aside from a handful of screenshots and a wide release target of 2021. Platforms have not been announced.

The screenshots on the official Japanese site focus mostly on the bugs themselves: ants that are several stories tall, spiders crawling over wrecked buses, and bees that appear to be at least the size of a sensible family-sized SUV. There's even some kind of bug-like monstrosity that's standing upright and holding a weapon of its own. A single screenshot shows the apparent player character, who looks pretty insignificant next to these enormous insects.

Earth Defense Force has gained a cult icon status for its notoriously terrible B-movie dialogue and wild bullet-hell action as you defend earth against an onslaught of alien insectoids.

Pictured: The stuff of nightmares in Earth Defense Force 6
Pictured: The stuff of nightmares in Earth Defense Force 6

"Despite the series' long-running nature, Earth Defense Force 5 is a standout action game, revelling in its own absurdity while crafting a brilliantly fun and lively action game around it," James Swinbanks wrote in GameSpot's EDF5 review. "Its huge battles are a joy to watch play out both from up close and afar, and the wide variety of weapons and play styles with each player type offers plenty of reason to come back for more after the final bullet has been fired."

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