Earth and Beyond Online beta test to grow

Westwood plans to have 100,000 players help test its upcoming online sci-fi role-playing game.


Electronic Arts' Westwood Studios has announced that it will expand the public beta test of Earth and Beyond Online, its upcoming sci-fi online role-playing game, to include 100,000 players. The game has been in limited beta testing since August 2001. Those interested in participating in the expanded public beta test can sign up at the official Earth and Beyond Online Web site. Thousands of testers will be selected every month until 100,000 testers are participating.

Earth and Beyond Online will include a huge persistent universe filled with hundreds of planets. Players will assume the role of a character in one of three main cultures--the Terran, the Progen, and the Jenquai--and they will explore, trade, and fight for control of territory. Players can earn experience points and currency through a variety of quests, and they can use currency to add upgrades to their ships.

Westwood has also moved the scheduled release date for the game to August. The game was originally scheduled for release last winter and later pushed back to this summer. For more information about Earth and Beyond Online, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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