Earth & Beyond May update details

The latest monthly update for Electronic Arts' online space RPG will see the start of a massive war against a mysterious alien race.


Earth & Beyond

Electronic Arts has today released details on its latest update for the online space-themed role-playing game Earth & Beyond. The update, which takes effect today, sees Kahn, the leader of the Progen Centuriata warriors, declaring war on a mysterious alien species whose ships have been gathering in numbers across the majority of explored space in recent months.

"The story will be told in many ways, and with many updates, through this year and well into the next," said creative director Chris Klug. "Players will see events happen in real time, with massive battles, sector invasions, and the destruction of key starbases. Also, the in-game characters will have many views on the war and what needs to be done about it. Dozens of new story-based missions will become available, each one revealing a new side to the conflict. Players will be asked time and time again to choose sides. Our goal is to have the player truly feel as if he's in the middle of a vast galactic war and has an important role to play, a role he'll choose."

In addition to kicking off the evolving storyline, today's update will improve the intelligence of enemies in the game and offer improved guild amenities, including customizable guild ranks, guild leadership management tools, and more. For more information on Earth & Beyond, which was released last September, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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