Earth & Beyond event update

In the latest update, powerful aliens invade the planet Primus, turning it into a dangerous and potentially lucrative area.


Electronic Arts' latest story event for Earth & Beyond has made significant changes to the game's universe. The V'Rix have invaded Primus Planet and captured the Praetorium Mons base, and at the base the aliens can be seen out of their starships for the first time. The invaded planet will offer risky opportunities to players of all classes, as explorers studying the V'Rix will have much to discover there, tradesmen will be able to find rare and valuable technologies, and warriors will find plentiful targets on their quest for revenge against the invaders.

Such radical changes to one sector are being accompanied with the opening of a new territory, Ardus. Located in the Aquitaine system, Ardus will be accessible by captains who complete the required quests, and it offers a new expanse of space to explore, new monsters to hunt, and new areas to mine.

Those who haven't tried Earth & Beyond can get a taste of the game by downloading a free five-day demo. The demo is available on GameSpot from the link below, and there are more details on Earth & Beyond was released last fall, and more details on the game can be found in our full review.

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