Early Xbox Ones restricted from Xbox Live

Microsoft confirms those who received next-gen console from retailer mistake won't be able to connect to Xbox Live until closer to launch.

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Due to a Target slip-up, numerous Xbox Ones shipped to users two weeks ahead of launch. These consoles, and others released ahead of time, will not be able to connect to Xbox Live until closer to launch, Microsoft confirmed to Kotaku today.

"Due to a retail partner's system issue, a very small number of Xbox One consoles were shipped to consumers before the November 22 street date," a Microsoft representative said.

"We're pleased to see the initial response to Xbox One has been so positive, but given we are still putting the finishing touches on our games, UI, and online services, as well as confidential partner and media agreements, these console units will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date."

Separately, a Target representative confirmed to Kotaku that a "systems error" led to the retailer shipping a "small number" of systems ahead of launch. A source estimated that as many as 150 systems were sent to shoppers, though this figure is unverified.

Microsoft announced this week that the Xbox One can't do much of anything without a significant day-one update, which requires users connect to the Internet to download.

"You're gonna need to take this update," a Microsoft representative said at the time. "It's not gonna be really an optional thing'."

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