Early Weekend Seaman Blast

Crazy things have been occurring in Mielke's fish tank. Here's the latest installment in our Daily Seaman Diary.


After the last Seaman Daily Diary, a whole bunch of strange things have happened. After moving the Dreamcast's internal clock ahead by a day, to speed up evolution, I found my two fish seamen floating belly-up! Ack! Dead! Fortunately, I had "unlocked" another tank at this point. This tank was a dry tank, with one plant in it. The plant sprouted "pine cones" to accompany the two little seeds in the tank. The two little seeds turned into two little caterpillars. The pine cones, when planted in either the wet or dry tank, will grow into plants in approximately a day. While I still don't have any eggs to replace the fish-guys with, after much harvesting, I now have three moths, one caterpillar, and one spider "Seaman" in my dry tank. You can't talk to these, however, making the dry tank a lonely place to be.

The only thing you adjust in the dry tank is a "spray" level. Anything up to 100 percent is fine. Another note: When speaking to the Seamen, use only single words. Speak at a reasonable volume not too close to the microphone - this is presumably to cut down on distortion. The first two words you are to say to the Seamen are "Oi" and "Seaman," which, when pronounced in a Japanese style, should sound like "She-monn."

We'll be back after the weekend to let you know what happens with our funky tankful of fuzzy critters.

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