EA/Origin Access Vault Adding More Games, Including Battlefield 1

PC subscribers in particular have a lot on the way.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: EA/Origin Access Vault Adding More Games, Including Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has shared some details regarding newly added content to the EA/Origin Access Vault, as well as some big-name games that are on the way to it in the next few months.

Beginning today, Access members can get their hands on all of the DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. The game itself was already free through EA Access, but now players on both Xbox One and PC will be able to enjoy the complete experience ahead of the sequel's launch later this year.

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At some point between now and September, the EA and Origin Access Vaults will add Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2--two major releases from last fall. Origin Access members will also get their hands on The Sims 4: Digital Deluxe Edition, Oxenfree, and Rebel Galaxy. Launch dates were not announced, but additions to the Vault are typically permanent, so you'll have plenty of time with the games once they're added.

In terms of trials, FIFA 18 will be playable for EA and Origin Access members ahead of launch, while the former will also get Play First trials of Madden NFL 18, NHL 18, and NBA Live 18. Specific dates for any of these were not announced, but they'll likely come in the week prior to their respective launches.

EA and Origin Access are subscription-based services for Xbox One and PC, respectively. They offer unlimited access to a library of games (see our full list for all the EA/Origin Access games), pre-release trials for many EA releases, and a 10% discount on digital EA purchases. They each cost $5 per month or $30 per year.

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Avatar image for ymo1965

Gamespot, can you change the noise for your damn countdown. Its annoying and not good if your speakers are up too loud ffs.

Avatar image for se7en1989

Who cares? Battlefield 1 got boring months ago and Titanfall 2 is currently filled with cheaters.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

Good Stuff .. Can't argue it is a good deal !

Avatar image for Bowser05

Nice. They're always making my $30/yr worth it. Amazing.

Avatar image for darksouls

Hey, that's pretty good!

Avatar image for BAKGRIND

I am actually surprised that SWTOR isn't being offered on the Origin Access program.

Avatar image for master32820

wanted to buy em both for the ps4 pro, now it's gonna be free on xbox. Im glad I didn't sell my X1

Avatar image for 6t4gp

Man, I just bought Titanfall 2. Smh

Avatar image for KingKalo

@6t4gp: literally last week. lol. I also have a hard time passing orange tic tics at the supermarket counter. Impulse buy

Avatar image for deathwish026

say what you like. but for £20 a year its about to become really good sub.

Avatar image for Supabul

3.99 a month for 5 yrs is like 240, I bought Battlefield 1 for 40

Avatar image for rasterror

@Supabul: But you're not counting all of the other games EA is gonna add to the vault in those 5 years.

Avatar image for wanderz

@Supabul: paid $28 for a year..... and i'd probably be bored with battlefield 1 before that year is up anyway, but that's me.

for over 20 games, not a bad deal at all.

Avatar image for Myron117

@Supabul: Did you buy all the other games too? That would make it a fair comparison

Avatar image for theblueatlas

@Supabul: You can buy EA Access 1 Year membership for £19.99, over 5 years that's only around £100

Avatar image for DIOSNY

@Supabul: actually it's more like $2.50 if pay for the year.

2: There's more than 20 games in EA access.

Avatar image for Zicoroen

Coming up next: Mass Effect Andromeda.

Avatar image for wanderz

@Zicoroen: nevermind, guess it's not.. thought i saw it listed already... might have been a trial version.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

I bought battlefield and titanfall 2 but got the pair for 25 each. I knew it would come to the vault soon and should've waited but that's what happens when your drunk browsing the xbox store.

Avatar image for mulder_000

@iammcgruber: I just bought them in the Xbox Summer sale. But at least I did get the Deluxe Versions for both for $40.

Avatar image for master32820

@iammcgruber: Oh "stoned" browsing has the same effect on me. I've bought a LOT of indi games like that

Avatar image for overachiever89

@iammcgruber: I run into the same problem quite often. I should get a breathalyzer installed on my Xbox to prevent drunken purchases

Avatar image for Daveof89

I feel bad for the people that bought them at full price last year...

Avatar image for Zorlac

@Daveof89: Got way more than my money's worth from both, so i don't feel bad at all about this. It's great news, more people to play with.

Avatar image for SOul_FUNk

@Zorlac: your rich , thats why !

Avatar image for Zorlac

@SOul_FUNk: Not even close, but $60 for hundreds of hours of entertainment is a pretty good $ to play time ratio.

Avatar image for xnshd

@Daveof89: some people wanna play the games when they are active. good luck finding a game in titanfall 2 come end of this year.

Avatar image for NeonicTrash

@xnshd: There's still people playing original Titanfall. There will still be people playing Titanfall 2 end of this year. Smaller group could just mean it's all experienced, hardcore people who make better teammates and enemies. First few months of a game always have tons of new people who never really learn the game and then move on.

Avatar image for xnshd

@NeonicTrash: so you would prefer the game to have maybe like 1000 people playing and everyone is a tryhard who cant move on and fine something new to play.

Avatar image for asneakypoptart

@Daveof89: Ehhhh, depending on how many hours you have in it. I have over 450 hours in BF1 and this doesn't bother me in the slightest. I've gotten my money's worth hundreds of hours ago.

Avatar image for SOul_FUNk

@asneakypoptart: If you could have wait until they released in vault, and have 450 hours gameplay with all DLCs for cheaper price, which is a lot more worthwhile.

Avatar image for dreadborne

If you like digital games, EA access is the way to go

Avatar image for rolento25

@sellingthings: We get it, you don't like EA... no need to tell everyone who posts. #noonecares.

Avatar image for Attitude2000

@indigoj: They always do that. It's like they want to get one last round of sales out of the way before they add it to the vault. I've bought UFC 2 and and NHL 16 on sale around this time.

  • 62 results
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