EALA hiring for new third-person shooter

New position listings soliciting talent for new, unannounced multiplayer-focused game using Frosbite 2 engine.


Electronic Arts' shooter pursuits look to be continuing, as fresh job listings for a new third-person shooter have popped up on the megapublisher's job portal.

According to the listing, EALA is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a new third-person shooter. Listed under the "responsibilities" tab of the solicitation is word that if hired, the employee would work with DICE's destruction-based Frostbite 2 engine. The new technology is currently pegged to debut this fall in Battlefield 3.

EALA's next shooter will borrow DICE's destruction tech, according to the job listing.
EALA's next shooter will borrow DICE's destruction tech, according to the job listing.

Another position listed for the unannounced project is for a Cinematics Director. The listing boasts that the game will sport "strong storytelling."

As for what the game in question might be, in February EA boss John Riccitiello said the publisher is looking to strengthen its foothold in the shooter genre in 2011. Riccitiello said the publisher was working on a "very exciting" first-person shooter that the company is "not announcing yet."

However, this notion seems unlikely, as the job solicitation clearly says the unannounced game is a third-person shooter, not a first-person shooter. Alternatively, the requisitions in question could point to EALA staffing up for its third Mercenaries game, which was transferred to EALA following the de facto dissolution of Pandemic in 2009.

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