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EAGate Scandal Alleges EA Employee Sold FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Icon Cards

A black market seller appears to be offering direct sale of rare FUT cards for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. EA has launched an investigation.


An unknown EA employee is alleged to be selling FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The scandal has quickly been nicknamed "EAGate" and has prompted the company to issue a statement saying it has opened a probe.

Eurogamer reports that the messages, captured from WhatsApp, show the employee offering Icon card packages ranging from 750-1000 euros (roughly $840-1200). One package of Prime Icon Moments cards are even offered for 1700 euros ($2000). At one point the seller assures a potential buyer that there is no risk of being banned, but can't say why for "security reasons."

The messages appear to show the sale of a bundle of high-value cards going through and then showing up in the game shortly after.

EA's FIFA account has shared a statement promising a "thorough investigation" followed by "swift action" if any improper conduct is uncovered. It also stated that it understands how this creates concerns of "unfair balance in the game and competition." Content granting has been disabled for the duration of this investigation.

Icon Cards, like the ones being offered through the seller, are high-value and hard to obtain through randomized packs. The Prime Icon Moments are even tougher, and some players spend thousands on packs attempting to obtain the rare cards. FIFA has reportedly had a black market of selling Coins that could be spent on auctions for the rare cards, but this appears to be direct sale that populates inside the game itself--suggesting involvement of someone in the company.

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