EA.com eyes Korea

The entertainment network plans to break into the Korean Internet gaming room market with Ultima Online, The Sims Online, and EA Sports games.


Entertainment network EA.com has announced its intentions to launch several games in the Korean Internet gaming room (IGR) market. The company will begin with its popular online role-playing game Ultima Online, and follow that launch with The Sims Online, the online version of its popular virtual-life game, The Sims. The company also plans to launch several EA Sports games in Korea as well.

According to EA.com, Korea has one of the largest Internet usage rates in the world, with an estimated 22 million users spending an average of 16 hours per month on the Internet. In addition, online gaming is listed as one of the top three uses for the Internet. Korea has approximately 25,000 IGRs where people pay by the hour to play online games.

A localized version of Ultima Online is scheduled for release in Korea this fall. For more information, take a look at our Ultima Online archive.

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