EA Worldwide Studios Announced, Brings Together Maxis, BioWare, and More

Some organisation changes are being implemented.


Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 publisher Electronic Arts has announced the formation of EA Worldwide Studios, a move which brings together several EA development studios. EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson announced the news in a post on the EA website.

The organisational update brings together several studios including EA Mobile and Maxis, who will continue to be led by senior vice president Samantha Ryan as she also takes on leadership at BioWare. Ryan will report to Patrick Soderlund, who will be leading EA Worldwide Studios.

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The move will also see the Frostbite Engine team be integrated into the technology side of the business, led by chief technology officer Ken Moss.

The announcement mentions the move as part of EA's "responsibility to put [their] players first." This notion has been mentioned several times before, with EA executive Peter Moore repeating that the company was endeavouring to become a "player-first" organisation during an interview in August. His statements were made in response to EA being voted "Worst Company in America" multiple times in recent years.

After the introduction of this player-first model, which EA has been discussing for a while, the company's stock price increased dramatically to an all-time high last summer. Executives have also discussed EA's responsibility to be progressive.

Some of EA's other ambitions for its new, player-first model is to show games earlier in the development process, offer more betas to let players try games, and to delay games when necessary to ensure quality.

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