EA working on "high-end" Battlefield game for mobiles

Mobile executive Frank Gibeau reveals company is working on "high-end and high-performance" mobile game based on the FPS series.

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Electronic Arts is currently working on a "high-end" Battlefield mobile game, executive Frank Gibeau told The New York Times in a new interview.

Asked if a game like Battlefield can be enjoyable on a smaller screen, Gibeau revealed the new game after mentioning Battlefield 4's Commander mode, which will be playable on iOS and Android devices.

"We are working on a mobile game of Battlefield that will be high-end and high-performance. It's our bet that we can successfully pull that off," Gibeau said.

"But we're embarking on something no one has ever done before--to get these games to inter-operate between platforms," he added. "Will it work? It already has in some cases. Will it work for all franchises? Not all franchises will make the transition. Battlefield might be a little harder."

No further details about the unannounced game were mentioned, and an EA representative was not immediately available to comment.

The most recent Battlefield game for mobiles was 2011's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which was based on the main console and PC game.

The new Battlefield game for mobiles could run on DICE's recently confirmed Frostbite Go game engine. This new engine, itself a version of the mainline Frostbite engine that powers games like Need for Speed and Battlefield, will support "all major mobile platforms."

Also in the interview with The New York Times, Gibeau said rumors of the death of traditional consoles have been greatly overstated.

"People have been writing about the demise of the living room scenario--you're leaning back on the couch with a big-screen television in front of you, using dedicated high-performance hardware from Sony or Microsoft--for years," Gibeau said.

"Yes. I kept hearing that console gaming is a dinosaur, headed to the tar pits," he added. Then the new consoles were announced, and people started saying, 'Can you get me one?'

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch next month.

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