EA waiting on WCW buyout resolution

The company's upcoming WCW-licensed games are in danger of being cancelled because of the recent buyout of WCW by its rival wrestling federation WWF.


WCW Wrestling

GameSpot has learned that Electronic Arts is in jeopardy of losing its WCW license as a result of the recent buyout of the struggling wrestling organization by its primary competitor, the WWF. At the present time, Electronic Arts is taking a "wait and see" approach, as specific details regarding the buyout deal have not been solidified. If the WCW were to retain its own franchise rights, the organization could conceivably provide licensing options to third parties such as EA, but that possibility remains unlikely.

Electronic Arts secured the WCW license in early 1998 and has released multiple WCW-branded games on the Nintendo 64, the Sony PlayStation, and the Game Boy Color. The company's WCW game for the Sony PlayStation 2 is currently on indefinite hold, pending the eventual resolution of the buyout. THQ currently owns the WWF license. However, it is also officially taking a similar "wait and see" approach on whether it can ultimately include the WCW wrestlers in its upcoming WWF games.

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