EA undecided on next-gen pricing

CFO Blake Jorgensen says FIFA publisher has yet to decide on pricing for future-platform games.


Electronic Arts has yet to decide on next-generation pricing. Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference today that he expects software costs for consumers to follow past trends.

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"I think typically at the start of a cycle you've seen the pricing raise to $69 for a core piece of software and then over the life of those it's drifted down to the introduction price, typically now around $59," he said. "We haven't yet set pricing on our [next-generation games], but you'll probably see a similar trend during the start of the next cycle."

An EA representative confirmed with GameSpot that Jorgensen misspoke during his presentation, meaning to use examples of $59 and $49, not $69 and $59.

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said last week that PlayStation 4 titles will max out at $60, putting to rest any speculation that games for Sony's future platform may cost $10 more than PlayStation 3 titles.

Microsoft has yet to announce its rumored next-generation platform.

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