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EA to support PS2 online in Europe

Electronic Arts announces that five of its upcoming PlayStation 2 games will feature online support in Europe.


Electronic Arts has today announced that five of its upcoming PlayStation 2 games will feature online support for European players. FIFA 2004, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, SSX 3, Need for Speed Underground, and The Sims Bustin' Out will all support hands-free chat through a USB headset.

"EA's online play extends the gaming experience way beyond the boundaries of your living room," said Gerhard Florin, managing director of European publishing at EA. "It gives gamers the opportunity to play with or against each other in some of the most exciting games this year no matter where they--or their friends--are located."

Online functionality in FIFA 2004 will consist of several different two-player modes and an option to download updated team and player information. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun will allow up to eight players to do battle on nine different levels. Need for Speed Underground will support up to four racers simultaneously in all four of the game's driving modes. SSX 3 will feature a range of different two-player cooperative modes: backcountry, slopestyle, big air, super pipe, and race events. The Sims Bustin' Out will feature two-player cooperative play as well as an online trading system for swapping unlockable social interactions and objects with other players.

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