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EA To Launch A "Major" Game Before April, And People Think It's Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

According to a reporter, Jedi Survivor is on schedule for release in March, with marketing set to ramp up in December.


As part of EA's latest financial report, the publisher disclosed that it plans to release a "major" game in the next few months, but hasn't actually confirmed what it is.

In a slide pertaining to EA FY2023 game slate, the company listed a "major IP" that is set to be released in the company's Q4 2023 (January-March 2023). Whatever this game is, it will be released during the quarter alongside the Dead Space remake, EA Sports PGA Tour, Wild Hearts, and the next Super Mega Baseball game.

People have theorized that the "major IP" could be Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The game has been officially announced, but it's possible EA is intentionally hiding the title in its official materials to gain some kind of competitive advantage in the market by not informing competitors of its release date.

According to Jeff Grubb of GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb, the game is indeed Jedi Survivor, and he claims it is on track for release in March 2023. Grubb went on to say that EA will begin to its hype cycle for the game in December, which matches up with when The Game Awards are held.

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EA also recently signed a three-game deal with Marvel for its Iron Man title and two others to be announced later. These games would fit the bill of being a "major IP," but they are no doubt too early in development to be ready for release by April 2023.

In terms of specific financials, EA made $1.9 billion in the three-month period ended September 30, which was up from $1.8 billion during the same quarter last year. EA made a profit of $299 million for the last quarter, compared to $294 million during the same period last year.

EA made about half of its revenue from full-game sales compared to live-services. For the past three months, EA made $602 million from full game sales compared to $1.3 billion from live services, which includes microtransactions.

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