EA to complete DICE takeover

Publisher looks to pick up the remaining 26 percent of the Battlefield series developer it doesn't already own.


Electronic Arts has been in the process of acquiring Digital Illusions CE (DICE) since 2003, purchasing the publisher in chunks here and there. However, the long courtship is set to come to an end soon, as EA announced that the companies have agreed on a final merger proposal.

If all goes according to plan, EA will purchase the remaining shares of DICE in September, "effectively making DICE a fully integrated studio within EA." The merger must be approved by a two-three majority vote at DICE's annual shareholders meeting in May, but that shouldn't be a problem, considering EA already owns approximately 68 percent of the company's shares.

In a statement issued by the Stockholm-based company, DICE chairman Thomas Skoglund said that the acquisition "resolves a stifling and complex situation while at the same time safeguarding DICE's position as a leading-edge game developer in a global and increasingly competitive environment."

Specifically, DICE noted that the current ownership situation has two glaring weaknesses that a full acquisition would remedy. First, it prevents DICE from using EA tools, technology, and financial resources. It also added that it could make it difficult to entice talented employees to join or stay with the company in the future.

DICE is currently at work on downloadable content packs for its Battlefield 2 PC game, and Xbox 360 and PSP versions of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. The company was founded in 1992 and has offices in Sweden and Canada.

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I hope battle field 2 is still gunna be made but what is wrong with EA i think they make good games.

Avatar image for Eliteshooter

so does this mean that Battlefield 2 is gunna be shut off?

Avatar image for Smo17

EA is giving me more and more reason to start up a new gaming company with a bunch of other people and friends who have all considered going into the gaming business and showing EA what it's like to go up against a company that's in it for quality games as opposed to money so they won't have the ability to simply buy someone out. Time to start making some calls...

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thats nice

Avatar image for SWEToryu

EA has already taking over the world (in games) but i hope DICE still makes the games they want to do... Like BF 3 or whatever!!.... Well i hope!!!

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And another company hits the EA drain.

Avatar image for WhitePenguin

i am so happy konami is japanese, "YOU CANT HAVE METAL GEAR EA!!!"

Avatar image for SiLENT_K1LL

EA was an excellent company in the 90's, both the US and Canadian bases made great games! EA gets my love.

Avatar image for ao_bomber

Everything EA touches dies, just stay away from thier rehashes people!

Avatar image for BZSIN

The only people to blame for this are gamers themselves. If people didn't continuously buy the crap that EA puts out, they wouldn't be in a position to buy out all these companies. Vote with your wallets. It's the only way.

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nice .

Avatar image for erikmele

lol, yeah that EA

Avatar image for Carpe_Noctum

EA already "owned" DICE, the paticulars were samantics.. Dice is one of the few good development houses they have now. They owned it anyway, not much of a story.

Avatar image for SlimboyJT

When EA took over westwood, come out with generals. That ended C&C saga collections for me. T_T

Avatar image for Sandman100

EA taken over the gaming world. But I really don't care. Go EA.

Avatar image for Blazer88

This is kinda sad :(

Avatar image for mcgrawgamer

This may actually be a good move for DICE and a bad move for us the consumber. DICE now has the financial backing to be more creative depending if EA gives them any creative freedom. Bad for us because as EA gobbles up developer after developer they remove the competitive edge, and without competition there's no desire to be the best. With no desire there is no quality. Soon we will end up playing Pong again. Only this time it'll be in High Def.

Avatar image for doggy47perfecto

god i hate ea

Avatar image for Vizhonary

I'd rather run a game using StarForce copyprotection than buy a game from EA.

Avatar image for Agent_023

No! The developer of one of my favorite game series has been ruined! :(

Avatar image for GreyFoxV1

Yay more monopolization of the industry, I am giddy.

Avatar image for Xcelerate

Ouch. As long as EA doesn't touch Bungie/Halo or Bethesda/Elder Scrolls, it's alright.

Avatar image for Merl57

Wow Ea will trash the games now. Probably the 26% that Dice had made Battlefield so good. Now its going to suck. Ea is going to pressure the next game in the series to come out quickly and make as many spin offs as possible, like SF which is a joke. I can't stand EA they ruined westwood and command and conquer by not supporting the game with patches, and its only a matter of time before Battlefield goes to hell. Well its a good game now and I'm sure people will play it, but the future makes me sick.

Avatar image for RobertBowen

I consider this bad news. Why? Because most developers simply want to churn out the same stuff over and over again to rake in cash, and not take any risks. When a developer is owned completely by a publisher, they no longer have a foot to stand on to argue their case. Make no mistake about who will be calling the shots, and who will have the last say on content - it will be EA. And just remember - if a few games do badly, and EA has to cut costs, they'll simply dump some of those development houses they acquired to balance their books, and your 'favourite' developers will be no more. Publishers like EA chew up and spit out development houses. They're like a tornado ripping up everything in their path, and leaving a mess behind. You're fine while you're inside the funnel...but god help you when you get thrown out, because it's a long drop with a messy end.

Avatar image for Donkeljohn

EA really does want their title to stand for Everything Awesome

Avatar image for UltimatumCHIEF

EVIL "EA" takeover plan to control the World, God help us all.

Avatar image for evilbanshee

"EA's next target: Valve. just you wait... " Nah. It'll never happen. Valve has its own ambitions of becoming a publisher. What did you think Steam was for?

Avatar image for nemes1s3000

EA makes great games, stop yer whining.

Avatar image for skitzocyko

The End is Near!! Damn you EA!!!

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Well there you go... another company swallowed up by EA.

Avatar image for MetaMods

Crytek will be the next, telling you MOH series will be really crappy one.

Avatar image for Redhunt_86

just look at the latest games by EA and would u swear by your statement that everything that EA touches is bad? EA consists of multiple studios also, so you cuold probably blame the difference in game quality on them.

Avatar image for BigC43

EA's next target: Valve. just you wait...

Avatar image for SouthpawSamurai

What always amazes me is when I hear about EA acquiring this developer and that, I'm reminded of the EA I used to know and love...the small pool of 'garage' developer teams who were all so proud of their individual accomplishments that their record-album like game boxes had group photos of them. What a difference twenty years makes....

Avatar image for yanks26wsw

EA rth is next

Avatar image for chrisdojo

another company gobbled up by the beast named EA.

Avatar image for sandz_09

wow. who back then would have thought EA to become this big...oh and i'd appreciate a BF2 demo before Oblivion lands next week. with my small schedule at home, i doubt i'll play anything beyond Oblivion and GRAW.

Avatar image for TrailorParkBoy

i bet EA will release there own console in the near future

Avatar image for decebal

EA will release it's own console soon.

Avatar image for LunarDuality

Oh god no! I hope this doesn't mean that there won't be a Rallisport Challenge 3 for the 360...I was still holding out hope!

Avatar image for fearnterror

Has history repeated itself? One company trying to take over the world. Yeah, i can't blame you know, surely EA needs more money to make better looking games, like um......... I don't know. I guess all their funding is headed straight to Madden. Someday, EA will stand for ECLIPSE ALL!

Avatar image for Thailfish

I'm glad I try to stay away from EA.

Avatar image for bobreturns

i thought the battlefield games were amazing so i reckon it will all be ok

Avatar image for automaticsnake

lol EA wants to take over the world

Avatar image for fsales

how much longer is it gonna take for EA to rule the entire planet?! I think it's next move is to buy Microsoft AND Sony! lol

Avatar image for mbouffard

Where you put my CV

Avatar image for Sil3n7Knight

man this sucks....:( i hope you still make good games dice and dont fall into "the only making them for money crap...."

Avatar image for ufopuller

Sounds like a case of a roll of the wrong dice

Avatar image for mattbakse

EA needs to stop buying everybody out. Pretty soon there will be no good companies and just EA making bad games.

Avatar image for teknocack

At some time one must ask the question: How big is too big, and how much is too much?

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