EA Tiburon vets form PixelFoundry, reveal first game

Volga Aksoy and Jerry Phaneuf heading up new game company working on PC real-time strategy game BlackSpace.


Two former EA Tiburon developers are turning in golf courses for space ships.

Ex-EA Tiburon developers Volga Aksoy and Jerry Phaneuf have founded PixelFoundry and currently make up the two-man shop as technical lead and creative lead, respectively.

BlackSpace is not a sports game.
BlackSpace is not a sports game.

The studio is presently at work on PC real-time strategy game BlackSpace, which the developer says combines action with an "emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency." The game takes place on asteroids, and players will control a "low-gravity operation support vehicle" for a range of uses, including mining and defense.

PixelFoundry told GameSpot that depending on the reception of the PC version, it might expand to consoles at a later date. Additionally, the developer confirmed to GameSpot that it plans to develop social and mobile companion apps for BlackSpace, which are targeted to launch after the game does.

For more on PixelFoundry and BlackSpace, check out the developer's website.

Aksoy and Phaneuf are both 10-year industry veterans, who most recently held senior developer positions at EA Tiburon, where they worked on games from the Madden, Tiger Woods, NASCAR, and MMA franchises.

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