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EA teams with THX

Electronic Arts announces five games to launch as THX certified.


In a first for the game industry, Electronic Arts and THX have inked a deal to bring THX-certified games to market. EA will be working with THX to certify that the upcoming games SSX 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Need for Speed Underground, and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing are compliant with THX's new video game development certification. Games that qualify will carry the THX logo on packaging.

In a statement, David DiMartini, vice president and COO of Electronic Arts' Redwood Shores studio, said, "Working closely with THX to deliver the most stunning audio and visual experience is another example of EA's innovation and dedication to state-of-the-art our customer."

THX, best known for the loud "Audience Is Listening" promo at the beginning of THX-certified films, has been providing quality-assurance processes and product certification since George Lucas established the company in 1983. Since then, THX certification has grown to cover cinemas, mixing studios, home theaters, DVDs, multimedia products, and luxury automotive vehicles.

The deal with EA represents THX's first foray into providing such certification for the interactive entertainment industry.

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