EA takes PS3, Xbox 360 to new Battlefield

Publisher's upcoming Bad Company being built "from the ground up" for next-gen consoles. First screen inside.


Those who are "Ready for Love" or "Feel Like Makin' Love" can get "Movin' On" to the next story. Such people would be in "Bad Company," as this one's strictly for those who "Can't Get Enough" of Electronic Arts' wartime Battlefield series.

"Rock N' Roll Fantasy."

And for those who don't appreciate agonizingly ham-fisted references to the oeuvre of classic rock band Bad Company, just know that EA today announced the upcoming release of Battlefield: Bad Company on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Series developer Digital Illusions is once again at the helm for Bad Company, and is building the title from the ground up specifically for the next-gen consoles.

While previous Battlefield games have focused heavily on multiplayer action, it seems Bad Company will turn its attention to solo gamers. EA is promising a "deep, cinematic single-player experience" with a mix of action and dark humor. Players will assume control of a squad of renegade soldiers and infiltrate enemy territory to obtain riches as well as revenge. The carnage that ensues will take its toll on the environments as well, as 90 percent of the levels will be destructible.

Fans of online fragfests needn't worry. EA has said that the game will still sport "a full suite" of multiplayer modes familiar to fans of the series. Battlefield: Bad Company is slated for a 2007 release.

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