EA suspends some SimCity marketing - Report

In wake of server issues, publisher reportedly asks online affiliates to "please stop actively promoting the game" for the time being.



Amid ongoing SimCity server woes, Electronic Arts has reportedly suspended some of its online marketing for the just-released city-building game. Polygon has obtained an email from EA Origin that asks advertising affiliates to "please stop actively promoting the game" for the time being.

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The email, which was sent this morning to marketing partners, states EA Origin has "deactivated all SimCity text links and creative and we ask you to please remove any copy promoting SimCity from your website for the time-being."

An Electronic Arts representative declined to comment.

"To be clear, we are continuing to pay out commissions on all SimCity sales that are referred, however, we are requesting that you please stop actively promoting the game," the email goes on. "We will notify you as soon as the SimCity marketing campaigns have been resumed and our promotional links are once again live in the Linkshare interface. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause, and we thank you for your cooperation."

SimCity launched Tuesday in North America and today in the United Kingdom. Developer Maxis has apologized for widespread server issues in America, and the UK launch is not faring much better.

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