EA subsumes...burgers?

Employees of software giant win local spicy-burger eating contest; company wolfs down 60 habanero-laced meaty sandwiches over week.


Electronic Arts is well known for adding studios to its mix, the most recent of which was MMOG specialist Mythic Entertainment. But over the past week, the company's Redwood City, California, office gobbled up something else--hamburgers. For the third year in a row, EA won the Prince of Wales Pub habanero-burger eating contest, reports San Mateo's The Daily Journal. The competition asks local businesses to eat as many of the spicy burgers as they can in a week. There is no limit to how many employees can compete, giving EA's thousands of staff a considerable advantage over other businesses. The peppers used by the pub are more than 100 times hotter than a jalapeno and about a third of the diners who take on the challenge can't finish an entire burger--however those that do get an "I Survived the Habanero Burger" bumper sticker and potential case of heartburn. EA's main competition this year was RSA, a local computer security company that employs about 50 people.

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