EA stock rebounds after publisher confirms no DICE projects have been delayed

Shares bounce back after publisher confirms work to stabilize Battlefield 4 is not impacting release schedule for any future DICE titles.

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Wall Street is responding positively to the news that no EA DICE projects have been delayed, as shares of Electronic Arts have bounced back today, up more than 5.5 percent at press time. Shares are currently trading at $22.17, up from a low yesterday of $20.48 and nearly level with Wednesday's closing price of $22.34.

Yesterday, an EA representative confirmed that "the work being done to stabilize Battlefield 4 does not impact our release schedule for future titles."

EA shares tumbled Thursday, diving more than 6.5 percent after a statement suggested that all future DICE projects were on hold until EA could remedy the Battlefield 4 server issues. This would have included Battlefield 4 expansions and the new Mirror's Edge and Star Wars: Battlefront games.

Battlefield 4 server issues continue to persist. Just today, DICE released a new patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game that pledges to increase general game stability. Additional patches are in the works.

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