EA Sports subscription service planned?

Leaked document appears to indicate publishing label will be offering premium tier that will offer exclusive DLC, discounts, early access via downloadable titles.

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Source: Sports blog Pasta Padre.

What we heard: Earlier this month, EA Sports president Peter Moore used his MI6 2011 keynote address to reveal that Electronic Arts is planning to create cross-platform, cross-game profiles for its sports titles. Now, according to a report on Pasta Padre, the publisher is going one step further. The sports blog is claiming to have received a document outlining EA Sports' plan to offer an annual subscription that will offer various perks to participants.

Is EA Sports getting ready to offer a premium subscription package for $15-$35?
Is EA Sports getting ready to offer a premium subscription package for $15-$35?

According to the document, the subscription will offer benefits for the Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NCAA Football, and SSX series. The memo is also accompanied by the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 logos, indicating that the program may be limited to those two platforms. Among the listed benefits of the subscription are:

--Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA Sports console-based titles.
--Free and exclusive EA Sports downloadable content for console-based titles.
--Full downloadable versions of participating titles before they come out in stores.
--An exclusive "recognition badge" that will appear both in-game and on players' Web profiles.
--The ability to transfer paid content from current titles to future versions of said titles.
--Free and exclusive opportunities to extend players' EA Sports experience to the PC and Web.

The leaked memo also said that the subscription has not yet been priced. However, Pasta Padre reports that surveys are circulating that put potential prices in a range of $15 to $35, depending on how many of the options a person wants. The surveys also say that downloadable versions of games will be available to subscribers up to a full week before they arrive in stores.

The official story: As of press time, EA Sports reps had not responded to requests for comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking not bogus that EA Sports is considering an annual subscription. Pasta Padre's record is fairly reliable, and Moore's talk of a unified cross-platform and cross-game experience jibes with an EA Sports-wide subscription service.

However, if an EA Sports subscription service sounds familiar, that's because rumors of a "season pass" for the label surfaced in late 2008. That scheme, which was also outed by a leaked survey, was going to offer subscribers 22-33 percent off of selected titles. And as is now known, that plan never came to fruition.

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F@$% EA. They have become lazy with their updates to their two primary sports series and neglect their fans. In the 90's I bought Madden and NHL almost every year, I wound it down when in some cases the roster seemed to be the only thing to change year to year, and now I buy these games every third or fouth year because if it was more frequent I would not notice a difference.

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I will pay if they have an updated roster and by updated I mean the FULL updated roster every single day for paid subscribers. Madden people are incredibly lazy when it comes to this during the year

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I never bought DLC, I feel its bullcrap cuz I already bought the game full price and now to "complete" the game cost more money? No thanks

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Let them do whatever the hell they want. It's not my problem. If you don't like it, don't pay for it.

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EA is a so greedy and money hungry, its not enough you pay $60 for thier game? They just try to milk people like cash cows.

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All I know is how everyone a while back was so enamored with downloadable content. Tripping over themselves, buying just about every download that came down the pipe. Now they're actually complaining about being ripped off? You all brought this on yourselves. When a company like Electronic Arts, or ANY company for that matter, makes a buck, you can be damn sure they'll want to make THREE. All you guys did was show them how.

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im kinda pissed off because this is not right. but on the other hand, this is just a rumor

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LMAO! Come on people, let's hear it again about how these developers are suffering from Gamestop's used sales and crap like this is ok. I'm willing to bet someone my PS3 that games next gen are going to be 70 dollars and they'll cry bloody murder.

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No I will LEAVE YOU IN! will ferrell as neil diamond SNL

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As if we don't already pay 60 bucks a year for the SAME game year after year.... Smh...

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Do it. I just won't buy another Madden title again. I can live without a mediocre football sim. I have for the past two years. Need to check if my sig is on the Class Action Lawsuit.

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*self detonates*

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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So basically, they want more money.

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I'm out.

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o dear god