EA Sports subscription service planned?

Leaked document appears to indicate publishing label will be offering premium tier that will offer exclusive DLC, discounts, early access via downloadable titles.

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Source: Sports blog Pasta Padre.

What we heard: Earlier this month, EA Sports president Peter Moore used his MI6 2011 keynote address to reveal that Electronic Arts is planning to create cross-platform, cross-game profiles for its sports titles. Now, according to a report on Pasta Padre, the publisher is going one step further. The sports blog is claiming to have received a document outlining EA Sports' plan to offer an annual subscription that will offer various perks to participants.

Is EA Sports getting ready to offer a premium subscription package for $15-$35?
Is EA Sports getting ready to offer a premium subscription package for $15-$35?

According to the document, the subscription will offer benefits for the Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NCAA Football, and SSX series. The memo is also accompanied by the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 logos, indicating that the program may be limited to those two platforms. Among the listed benefits of the subscription are:

--Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA Sports console-based titles.
--Free and exclusive EA Sports downloadable content for console-based titles.
--Full downloadable versions of participating titles before they come out in stores.
--An exclusive "recognition badge" that will appear both in-game and on players' Web profiles.
--The ability to transfer paid content from current titles to future versions of said titles.
--Free and exclusive opportunities to extend players' EA Sports experience to the PC and Web.

The leaked memo also said that the subscription has not yet been priced. However, Pasta Padre reports that surveys are circulating that put potential prices in a range of $15 to $35, depending on how many of the options a person wants. The surveys also say that downloadable versions of games will be available to subscribers up to a full week before they arrive in stores.

The official story: As of press time, EA Sports reps had not responded to requests for comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking not bogus that EA Sports is considering an annual subscription. Pasta Padre's record is fairly reliable, and Moore's talk of a unified cross-platform and cross-game experience jibes with an EA Sports-wide subscription service.

However, if an EA Sports subscription service sounds familiar, that's because rumors of a "season pass" for the label surfaced in late 2008. That scheme, which was also outed by a leaked survey, was going to offer subscribers 22-33 percent off of selected titles. And as is now known, that plan never came to fruition.

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@LondonGamer986 Same, I buy Fifa every year, if they bring this in I won't buy it... though I do like my football games so I may convert over the PES

Avatar image for LondonGamer986

If this actually happens, I think I'll pass on FIFA this year. (Won't be buying PES though.)

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looking forward to playing pes next year

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EA $port$

Avatar image for FortuneInLies

Guess what I'm not buying anymore?

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It's cool that buyers get some sweet bonuses, but WTF? Does this mean people who pay for Live have even more bills to play? Seriously...games aren't getting any cheaper even without this :?.

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I guess this means PES is going to outsell FIFA again. Rejoice for all those who have to compete with any of EA's massively endorsed sport titles.

Avatar image for SufferLikeGdid

@JESSEAARON100 Unfortunately, such a plan will definitely pass if, for nothing else, Madden fanatics will be more than happy to pull down their pants and let EA bend them over.

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Screw that. In fact screw EA. I love Fight Night Champion but if you look in their 'store' they nickle and dime you for everything; all for content thats ALREADY ON THE DISC.

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Premium plan?? EA , you want money?? Then make the online bettter.And now you expect us to pay our hard earn cash for you?! NO WAY!

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does it come with horse armor?

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A great example of the stupid things that companies do to get money off people... Quite sad really.

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Will not pay extra for this. GL everyone else who chooses to accept and make it the norm. Obviously people dont like concepts such as boycotting a product to not get f'd over

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EA is a greedy company.

Avatar image for Bigdiscovery

Freaking leeches displaying even more greed.

Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Oh dear....why do I get the strange vision of my dad worrying the HELL out of me to sign him up for something like this? :? Sadly, him being the devout Maddenite (as like to all Madden fanatics, lol) that he is, I don't doubt he'd even think twice about getting this.

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lol what a joke.

Avatar image for Nzilla

heh, screw that. ea can kiss my ass

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I know game makers are trying to get as much money as they can out of gamers but what they don't realize is that the reason people enjoy games is because you can buy a game for $60 and play it for a few months if the on-line is good. Which makes it a good value. Once they start charging for subscriptions and on-line passes and DLC, it's not such a good value anymore and people will stop choosing games as their entertainment of choice.

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Because xbox live didn't cost enough!

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so do u need xbox live or psn to play games? why would i pay 4 such a service i don't even play that many EA games.

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I blame kotick...

Avatar image for Kabals

It's funny how people could potentially get worked up about spending $20 bucks or so on an ANNUAL service but don't bat an eye about eating at fast food restaurants 3-4 times a week.

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Internet bill + Console internet fee + Developer subscription + Price of the game, just to play a crappy sports game online. What a joke.

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@ColonelVodka I see this as just the beginning though, (aside from MMO's). I said the same thing (not about quitting gaming) when DLC came out, I knew where it was going to end up, devs leaving out content just to charge you later for it. This subscription business is just the beginning of money grubbing attempt. You need to look no further than mmo's to see where this is going, Ive played many mmo's as well f2p and p2p. If your not paying your going to be hindered, or missing out on content. Again this little EA dill is just the beginning snowball rolling down hill.

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wow another way to suck more money out of us. i quit buying madden last year so i dont care what ea sports does anymore.

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The problem in our country is not just gaming greed like this, but education failures which put forth students who can't even discern when they're being taken for a ride

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I can't wait til another company makes a NFL game actually worth playing. EA SUCKS!!

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I dont play sports games, but that just sux....so I say to EA...Go directly to hell. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.00

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LOL what a joke. I love it that the article states you get discounts, some free dlc, free demos, and free transfers with your paid subscription, when you are actually paying full price because you pay already paid a subscription fee. lol. Oh I pitty the fools who fall victim to this. Lets look at it this way. EA subscription=$15-35 "Discounted" DLC=$5-30 EA online pass (if used) =$10 Xbox live gold subscription = $60 Oh yeah and the game= $60 oooo pricey.

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Only if they offer current roster updates on old titles.

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Holy crap EA has to be kidding me. Who in their right minds would pay even more money to them for such useless features? That has to be one the biggest jokes of a so called deal I've seen in my life. EA has to be the worst company in video gaming in terms of how many ways they will find to suck every last penny out of it's members that they obviously couldn't care less about. I hope EA crumbles and falls one of these days, serve the greedy(Insert foul word here) right.

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I quit buying EA sports games when they started charging real money to keep retiring players from retiring in a game. So I could care less but if there are enough idiots out there to support this silliness then more power to them.

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doesnt say anything about making better games, im out

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worst thing about EA........EA sports

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I thought it was already 60 dollars a year? Roster updates right?

Avatar image for CJ45_

Just... no.

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What a joke...this (if real) is a plan for people to keep buying new games each year! I call bs

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@joefatty2x4 It's hardly an assumption, Inductive logic would agree with that.

Avatar image for JayCensation

Surely I dont need this as im ALREADY paying for my xbox live gold membership

Avatar image for XxNaruto77xX

this service milking $$$ method is lame. For me, i ONLY pay ONCE for the game. Subscription fees, extra $ for content etc etc etc, its just a lame excuse to make more money.

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I'd prefer them add incentives to buy every year instead of going for nickel and diming. In the NHL series you can earn boosts for doing various things, so maybe they could give several boosts early for doing those things in the previous installment. Ofc NHL is generally worth getting every year unlike Madden

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@toddze I think you're overreacting. You don't have to quit gaming because of this. It's not like EA is forcing you to buy their crap. Just continue to support the games that are good in your eyes. Or you can get into PC gaming and support indie developers. There's plenty of alternatives. And believe it or not, there's still some integrity left in gaming. You probably wont find it in EA or Activision, but believe me, it's out there.

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The almighty dollar. Ka-ching!

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I do like the idea of transferred content. But not many sports games have DLC that'd really be worth signing up for this.

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I see a lot of people saying that if you don't pay you don't lose anything, you just get extras if you do pay. That would be a good point, except for one thing: they take content OUT of the game and then charge you for it as bonus content. All of this stuff about paying to design your own kits and teams ... what a con!! I was designing my own kit on Fifa 99, and International Superstat Soccer for the SNES in 1993! It's the same as all of this DLC stuff. On paper it looks like a good deal, but what they don't tell you is that they limit the amount of stuff that they put in the main game in order to sell you it as extras later! It's like slowly putting up your prices by 20%, and then 6 months later holding a 20% off sale.

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i will still buy the next fifa, but all the extra stuff..save it for the rich kids. i get my kicks offline ;)

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will never pay for such a service. it's a big joke!

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It seems the good old days of gaming are gone. I will not be buying the next gen consoles, this nickle and dimeing will just get worse, I knew this was getting bad soon as DLC became popular. I have seen devs leave out content to just add it to DLC at a fee of course. A gamer can spend 100$ on one game these days, thats absolutely absurd. Now subscriptions are entering the picture, this is just going to get more prevalent as well. Its about time i turn in my controllers