EA Sports PGA Tour Game, Sims 4 Expansion Delayed

Electronic Arts announces delays for two major projects today.

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The upcoming PGA Tour game from EA Sports, the company's first in many, many years without golf legend Tiger Woods, has been delayed.

The game was originally expected to launch by March 31, but it's now been pushed out to sometime in the first quarter of fiscal 2016, EA confirmed today as part of its latest earnings report.

EA's fiscal 2016 runs April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016. That means EA Sports PGA Tour will launch sometime by June 2015.

The publisher also confirmed today that another expansion for The Sims 4 has also been delayed to sometime in fiscal 2016. EA did not provide any further details about the expansion.

EA is currently holding a earnings call discussing these results and answering analyst and media questions. Check back soon for more.

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Avatar image for cjtopspin

I always wanted to play a golf simulation where I had to loft a t-shot over a flaming destroyer as it splits the fairway in half....

...or was it trees that I wanted to loft the shot over? Well, whichever one says "golf simulation" is the one I wanted.

Avatar image for justerthought

I want a good high quality golf simulation on PS4. The Golf Club was not good enough with it's ugly procedural foliage and stiff animations. All my hopes are now on PGA Tour because I have enjoyed their other games, but the latest screenshots show artificial sepia toned courses and the trailer shows ridiculous battleships crashing onto courses.

It doesn't look good. Really bad decisions are being made because they feel the need to spice up a 'boring' game. My advise is don't bother making the game at all if the only way you can make it is to turn it into a pantomime. As a last resort, at least Everybody's Golf will give us proper golf with nice looking courses that are fun to play. The best looking golf so far is the course in GTAV on PS4. I want that expanded into a full golf simulation.

Avatar image for Godlikan

Anyone cares?

Avatar image for jwrebholz

Baby kabuki brush?

Avatar image for chriswilkes509


Avatar image for Rotluchs

How in the WORLD does it take them THAT LONG to develop a new golf game that will inevitably use familiar mechanics anyway???????????

Avatar image for Deathhawk4

<< LINK REMOVED >> Takes a while to develop the new golf game, when they have switched the game over to using frostbite engine.

Avatar image for justerthought


Yeah the Frostbite Engine. That's why there's an effing battleship model plonked on the course imported directly from the Battlefield games.

Avatar image for RobDev

<< LINK REMOVED >> takes a while to remove all the Tiger images

Avatar image for Attitude2000

Darn. Back to The Golf Club...

Avatar image for otterbee

<< LINK REMOVED >> I really like that game, but they definitely need to put some sort of career mode into it. I really hope that this delay from EA gives them some breathing room to come out with an update/new version.

The other thing...I can't believe how badly EA bit all the features that HB brought to the table - no loading between holes, and fantasy courses - with battleships even! Seriously, EA? No originality.