EA Sports Active Expansion Press Conference Impressions

A new version of EA Sports Active was announced at E3, and Peter Moore was on hand to give us the details.


At EA's E3 2009 press conference, EA Sports president Peter Moore was on hand to shout about the success of the newly released EA Sports Active. According to Moore, 600,000 copies of the game have been sold since launch, with sales remaining steady in the weeks after launch. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Moore announced that the game would be getting an expansion later in the year and dropped some details about what it will include.

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The as-yet unnamed expansion will be a "tropical" version of the original game--think "Wii Sports Resort." While the theme of the game will be a holiday, it sounds like the activities will test your body more than ever before. The aim is focusing on working your core, and there will also be aerobic workouts, such as squash. Finally, the game will keep a journal of your activity as you progress.

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Don't expect any more details about the game at E3 because this was just a tease, but that's not a bad thing as we'll work up quite enough of a sweat running between the south and west halls. We'll keep you updated of any news on the game as we get it.

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