EA Ships NCAA Football 2001

This PlayStation college football game is shipped to retailers.


NCAA Football 2001

EA Sports has shipped NCAA Football 2001 for the Sony PlayStation. The game holds the official Fed Ex Orange Bowl license and features the Bowl Championship Series ranking system, which tracks team rankings throughout a virtual NCAA football season. Players can take part in the dynasty mode, with gameplay and stats tracking for multiple seasons, and can even create their own school, jerseys, pants, and helmets.

"NCAA Football 2001 is the deepest college football game available," said producer Jeremy Strauser. "We give the gamers every possible option and way to play - from a quick game to building a dynasty with full recruiting, all the while capturing the pageantry and atmosphere of the college game with raucous crowds and traditional pep bands. We try to bring gamers onto the field."

The game is supported for up to eight players with the PS multitap and carries a suggested retail price of US$39.95.

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