EA sells Tiger Woods cheats on XBL

Marketplace offerings let gamers instantly open up all courses, golfers, pro shop items, for a price.


The Xbox 360 has been out for almost a year, and publishers are still experimenting to find the best way to make money and serve their customers with downloadable content for games. The latest approach comes from Electronic Arts, which has released a handful of downloadable add-ons for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 on the Xbox Live Marketplace today.

What makes some of these add-ons unusual is that they merely give players instant access to things they would normally have to unlock in the course of normal play. So gamers can download the Unlock Golfer and Unlock Courses add-ons for 200 points ($2.50) each and open up all the hidden golfers and courses in the game without ever having to set foot on the virtual fairways.

Players wanting to take a shortcut to greatness can also shell out 200 points for the Maxed-Out Player add-on, which will set their created golfers' stats to 110 percent across the board. Finally, the more expensive Pro Shop add-on (300 points, or $3.75) will unlock all of the pro shop gear for the player's use.

Not all of the Tiger Woods add-ons being offered can be earned by actually playing the game, however. The Sunday Tiger download (240 points, or $3) is exclusive to the Marketplace, and allows players to hit the links as Woods in his trademark tournament-ending red shirt.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Xbox 360 is scheduled to release later this week. It is rated E for Everyone and will retail for $59.99.

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