EA says "1 of every 3 PS4 games sold is an EA game"

Electronic Arts provides one-fifth of the titles available for PS4, and leads in sales.

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Peter Moore, the current chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, wrote over Twitter today that "1 of every 3 PS4 games sold is an EA game."

Of the 25 games currently available for PS4, five are from EA, including Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, and Need for Speed: Rivals.

Despite the apparent popularity of EA's lineup, users have recently criticized the online performance of many EA titles. While some problems are clearly outside the company's power to control, like the recent DDoS attack on Battlefield 4, it's unclear who is at fault for the other issues. A quickly deleted post on the Electronic Arts help site attributed the stability problems to Sony's firmware, but the post was later deleted with the statement that it was made in error.

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